In the last couple of years both me and my husband Brent have been unsatisfied with our career paths.  In the ever elusive search for happiness, the concept of Grape Beginnings Winery was brought to fruition after a college room-mate weekend up at my family cabin the summer of 2013.  One of my room-mates brought some wine with her from the boutique winery she manages in southern Michigan.  I have always enjoyed wine and Brent has been acquiring a taste for it since we've been together.  Once the weekend was over, I mentioned the idea of starting a boutique winery in Midland to Brent.  We decided that a winery was something that would fit into the culture of Midland and that it would be well received. 

In January 2014 Grape Beginnings Winery, LLC was started.  By February the amazing location of the corner of Rodd St and Main St had been secured.  The remainder of the year consisted of a lot of hard work from both Brent and I and friends and family that were willing to donate their time and help with the never ending list of things to do. Huge thanks to all that helped to make this become a reality!

2015 will be a great year as all of the work we've put into the winery will finally be viewed, tasted and purchased by the public.  Opening day for Grape Beginnings Winery is January 27th, 2015.

Come on in, we can't wait to pour for you.

Grape Beginnings Winery, LLC

244 E Main St

Midland MI 48640



The Story Behind the Winery

Grape Beginnings Winery